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Tprotect the user and their gear while working outdoors

Umbrella To Protect The User And Their Gear While Working Outdoors Manufactured in China

ORCA Bags was created to provide the best, customized bags and accessories for today’s working broadcast and cinema professionals worldwide. Their philosophy is simple

design products that reflect the input of working industry Pros, and give them with

the best solution to get the job done, easily, comfortably and efficiently.

ORCA Co-Founder Ofer struggled to find an umbrella that could protect your production gear, for unexpected weather he was experiencing.

This Umbrella is ideal for protecting your camera outdoors, rain or shine.

Like many businesses, ORCA had issues with their existing manufacturing suppliers around improve the product orders to a higher quality.

Enter Velison Sourcing - Here's how we made amazing happen for ORCA Bags.

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Wholesale or no sale

If you have ever experienced rapid growth, it’s one of the most unique business experiences you can have. Inevitably, you’re faced with needing to expand or risk falling behind your competition.

With ORCA BAGS, they spoke to their existing manufacturing supplier to see if they can solve the umbrella ribs broken issues when the big wind was coming. Unfortunately, the manufacturer was too difficult to do the high quality they required. Ofer and Ohad then reached out to Velison Sourcing, and the rest is history!

Three key ingredients to product manufacturing quality successfully

High quality is very important for all of the unique products.

A successful quality improve requires three key ingredients which were employed by our experienced Velison staff for ORCA BAGS.

Evaluating current and potential suppliers, based on prior export experience.

Quality Assurance Programs that gives you reassurance that they are charting and documenting their control measures when doing higher volume and more complex fulfillment, in order to receive high quality manufactured products.

Production lead times report, covering the period between purchase and the manufacturer completing the order.

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