Maximizing the Potential of eSourcing through Strategic Sourcing and a Super User

2023-03-30 21:35:02 By : Mr. James Wang
Strategic Sourcing: How Appointing a Super User Can Help You Adopt an eSourcing Solution Successfully

In this day and age, businesses all over the world are looking for ways to stay ahead of their competition. Strategic sourcing has emerged as an essential tool that can help organizations cut costs, improve efficiency, and increase profitability. A key aspect of strategic sourcing is the adoption of eSourcing solutions.
Strategic Sourcing: The Benefits of Appointing a Super User in the Successful Adoption of an eSourcing Solution

ESourcing is an electronic sourcing system that replaces manual procurement processes with automated digital workflows. It offers many benefits, such as savings in time, cost, and resources. However, eSourcing adoption can be challenging. To make sure the transition is smooth and efficient, it is essential to appoint a 'super user.'

What is a Super User in Strategic Sourcing?

A super user is an employee who has undergone specialized training on the eSourcing solution and has extensive knowledge of how the system operates. They act as the liaison between the procurement team and the vendor's technical support staff. In essence, the super user 'owns' the eSourcing platform and is responsible for ensuring that it is used effectively and efficiently across the organization.

Benefits of appointing a Super User

1. Better management of the technology platform - A super user will be the go-to person for other employees when they have questions or problems with the eSourcing platform. They will be responsible for training new employees and ensuring everyone is using the system correctly. This means that the technology platform will be managed effectively, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

2. Seamless integration with other software systems - A super user will have extensive knowledge of other software systems used by the procurement team. They will ensure that the eSourcing system integrates seamlessly with other software systems to reduce manual data entry and increase accuracy.

3. Improved User Adoption - Since a super user will be responsible for training employees on the eSourcing platform, they will be able to ensure that everyone is using the system correctly. This will improve user adoption rates, and employees will use the system more effectively, leading to better procurement results.

4. Better supplier relationship management - A super user will be able to work closely with vendors to understand how they use the eSourcing solution. They will be able to offer suggestions on how vendors can optimize the platform, leading to better supplier relationship management.

5. Enhanced Reporting - A super user will have the ability to generate customized reports that meet the needs of specific stakeholders. They will be able to analyze procurement data to provide insights that can inform strategic sourcing decisions.


ESourcing solutions are essential tools for any organization that wants to implement strategic sourcing effectively. However, the adoption of eSourcing solutions can be challenging without a super user. Appointing a super user will help organizations to manage the technology platform more effectively, increase user adoption rates, improve supplier relationship management, and enhance reporting capabilities. All in all, the addition of a super user will lead to a successful and efficient adoption of eSourcing solutions that can benefit organizations in the long run.

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