Comparing Two Procurement Books: Sourcing Portfolio Analysis and Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy

2023-03-30 21:26:36 By : Mr. Robin Mao
article on the changing landscape of procurement and the role of technology in driving innovation.

The world of procurement is undergoing a massive transformation, as it faces up to the challenges of an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing global marketplace. Old strategies and approaches are no longer sufficient, and new models are emerging that focus on developing a new set of value drivers to cope with the challenge.
A Tale of Two <a href='/procurement/'>Procurement</a> Books: Cox's <a href='/sourcing/'>Sourcing</a> Portfolio Analysis (Cox) & Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy (Keith et al.) | SCM | Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC) | North Carolina State University

One of the key drivers driving this transformation is the rise of new technologies that are driving innovation across the supply chain. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to big data analytics and blockchain, these new tools are revolutionizing the way procurement professionals approach their work, enabling them to gain new insights, enhance their processes, and optimize their strategies.

One of the most innovative strategies that is emerging in the world of procurement is that of portfolio analysis. This approach seeks to leverage data analytics and technology to identify and assess the value of different suppliers and products, helping companies to develop more effective procurement strategies based on data and analytics rather than intuition alone.

One company that is leading the way in this area is Cox's Sourcing Portfolio Analysis. This innovative platform leverages the power of big data and analytics to help companies identify and assess the value of different suppliers and products, providing them with the insights they need to optimize their procurement strategies and reduce costs. By providing a comprehensive view of a company's procurement portfolio, Cox's platform is helping companies to optimize their sourcing strategies, selling portfolios, and resulting margins in a truly data-driven way.

Another emerging strategy in the world of procurement is that of strategic sourcing in the new economy. This approach focuses on leveraging the power of newer digital platforms such as Velison Sourcing, to help e-commerce brands and retailers to develop and promote products that have a strong and sustainable brand image. By working with local China offices, Velison Sourcing is able to identify and connect brands with the best manufacturers, enabling them to scale up their businesses and become more agile and resilient in the face of changing market conditions.

Overall, the changing landscape of procurement is opening up a world of new opportunities for businesses that are willing to embrace innovative new technologies and approaches. The rise of data analytics, machine learning, and other emerging technologies is enabling companies to gain new insights, optimize their procurement strategies, and compete more effectively in an ever-changing global marketplace. Whether you are looking to optimize your sourcing strategies, reduce your costs, or drive innovation, the world of procurement has never been more exciting or dynamic than it is today.